Rice MDU 6: A high yielding long slender grain variety

  • N. Aananthi, R.P.Gnanamalar, S.Jebaraj, S.M.Ibrahim, C.Vanniarajan and C.R.Anandakumar TNAU
Keywords: Rice MDU 6, long slender grain, short duration, raw rice, parched paddy


A short duration, high yielding, long slender grain rice culture, ACM 01010 was developed from Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics, Agricultural College and Research Institute, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Madurai and was released as Rice MDU 6 during 2015. ACM 01010 is a derivative of MDU5 / ACM 96136. It has semi dwarf stature (95-105 cm), high tillering capacity, white long slender grain with superior grain quality. It matures in 110 - 115 days and it is suitable for short duration rice growing areas. This culture recorded a mean grain yield of 6118 kg/ha (9.7 per cent and 10.2 per cent increased yield over the checks, ADT 43 and ADT (R) 45 respectively) in different yield trials including MLTs and ARTs. In ART, this culture registered more than 7000 kg/ha in 29 locations out of 160 locations tested. The culture, ACM 01010, is moderately resistant to leaffolder, stem borer, GLH and WBPH under field conditions. It possesses intermediate amylose content, gelatinization temperature and soft gel consistency. It produces white long slender rice with desirable cooking quality. As raw rice, it is  highly suitable for  making  pongal and variety rice besides it is also suitable for aval (flaked rice) and pori (parched paddy) making.

Author Biography

N. Aananthi, R.P.Gnanamalar, S.Jebaraj, S.M.Ibrahim, C.Vanniarajan and C.R.Anandakumar, TNAU
Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics
Research Article