Non parametric measures to investigate genotype x environment interaction for feed barley genotypes evaluated under multi environment trials

Keywords: Non parametric measures, Spearman rank correlation, Ward’s hierarchical clustering, biplot analysis


In the present investigation g x e interaction of twenty seven feed barley genotypes were evaluated at fifteen locations by non parametric measures. Results based on nonparametric measures do not require distributional assumptions for testing of effects.  JB322 was high yielder followed by PL890 & HUB250 among studied genotypes. CMR and CSD measures pointed towards HUB113, NDB1634 and UPB1054, JB322 as desirable genotypes by respective measures. Si1  and Si2 measures identified JB322 and UPB1054 along with UPB1054 & HUB 113 as of stable yield performance. Values of the sum of Zi1 and Zi2 denotedsignificant differences among feed barley genotypes across 15 studied environments. Genotypes UPB1054, HUB113, BH1005 based on Si3 and Si6 were identified as the stable genotypes whereas KB1436 & RD2552 were unstable. First two NPs were very similar for unstable performance of RD2552 and last two NPs for similar behaviour of HUB250. Biplot analysis observed highly significant negative rank correlation of yield with corrected mean yield, SD and no significant correlation with MR.

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Ajay Verma*, J. Singh, V. Kumar, A.S. Kharab and G.P. Singh, INDIAN INSTITUTE OF WHEAT AND BARLEY RESEARCH 158 AGRASAIN MARG KARNAL-132001

Statistics and computer center

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