Combining ability and gene action study for seed cotton yield and its related traits in diploid cotton (Gossypium arboreum L.)

  • R.D Vekariya, S. Nimbal, Aashima Batheja, R.S. Sangwan and S. Mandhania Navsari Agriculture University, Navsari
Keywords: Gossypium arboreum L., per se performance, GCA, SCA, Gene action, Line x Tester analysis


Present study aims to estimate GCA of the parents and SCA of GMS based diploid cotton hybrids for yield and its associate traits. The magnitude of the components of GCA and SCA variances showed preponderance of non additive gene action for all the characters studied. Based on the GCA effects the male parent HD 517 was best general combiner for seed cotton yield, number of bolls, boll weight, number of monopods and days to first flower. HD 534 was found best combiner for ginning out turn, boll weight, number of seeds per boll and days to first flower for earliness. Among the female DGMS 34 was the best combiner for the characters viz., Seed cotton yield, number of bolls and number of seeds per boll. The hybrids DGMS 34 x HD 517, DGMS 34 x HD 523 and DGMS 2 x HD 528 recorded superior per se performance for number of bolls, boll weight and seed cotton yield and other characters. For seed cotton yield and yield related traits the good SCA effects were observed in the hybrids DGMS 2 x HD 528, DGMS 1 x HD 432, DGMS 34 x HD 517 and DGMS 34 x HD 523 along with good per se performance.

Author Biography

R.D Vekariya, S. Nimbal, Aashima Batheja, R.S. Sangwan and S. Mandhania, Navsari Agriculture University, Navsari
Genetics and Plant Breeding
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