Heterosis studies for fruit yield and its component in long type brinjal (Solanum melongena L.)

  • M.S. Dharmendra patidar, Shitap M.S. and N. A. Patel Anand Agricultural University
Keywords: Brinjal, heterosis, hybrid, yield


The seeds of forty-five hybrids along with ten parents generated during Kharif, 2011 were evaluated for earliness, fruit yields and yield contributing characters during kharif, 2012 in a Randomized Block Design along with local check ABH-1 in three replications for middle Gujarat location.  Heterosis analysis was carried out for days to 50% flowering, days to first picking, plant height (cm), primary branches per plant, plant spread (cm), number of fruits per plant, fruit length (cm), fruit girth (cm), average fruit weight (g), fruit volume (cc), fruit yield per plant(kg), total soluble sugars (mg/100 mg), total phenols (mg/100 mg) and dry matter content (mg/100mg). Highest economic heterosis was shown by AB-07-2 x AB-11-7 (20.75) followed by GBL-1 x Doli-5 (12.77) and AB-07-2 x Pusa Uttam (8.75) for total fruit yield per plant.

Author Biography

M.S. Dharmendra patidar, Shitap M.S. and N. A. Patel, Anand Agricultural University
Assistant Research Scientist (Gentics and Plant Breeding )
Research Article