Genetic characterization, character association for yield and yield component traits in groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L)

  • P.B. Singh, Baudh Bharti, Arun Kumar Ranbir Singh, Narendra Kumar and A.L.Rathnakumar
Keywords: Groundnut, Correlation, Genetic variability, Path coefficient, pod yield


The study was undertaken to estimate genetic characterization, character association direct and indirect effects by path analysis   for pod yield per plant and its components by using 15 groundnut genotypes. Dry pod yield per plant shown to have maximum genotypic coefficient of variation followed by kernel per plant suggesting substantial amount of genetic variability. Dry pod yield per plant, kernel yield per plant, 100- kernel weight, days to maturity was observed high heritability and high genetic advance these traits were controlled by additive genes and can easily be transferred to succeeding generations. Dry pods per plant registered positive and significant genotypic and phenotypic correlations with kernel yield per plant and 100- kernel weight. It indicated that the selection for increased dry pods per plant may give higher kernel yield per plant and 100- kernel weight and thus, may contribute in increasing the dry pods per plant. The path coefficient analysis revealed that the kernel yield per plant, oil content and shelling percentage exhibited high and positive direct effect on dry pod yield per plant. Thus, these characters turned out to be the major components of pod yield and direct selection for these traits may be rewarding for yield improvement.

Research Article