Heterosis and combining ability analysis for grain yield and its component traits in aerobic rice (Oryza sativa L.) cultivars

  • S. Utharasu* and C. R. Anandakumar
Keywords: Rice, Aerobic, line x tester analysis, combining ability, heterosis, gene action


An investigation on LxT analysis was carried out with six popular and ten improved cultures to estimate gene action, combining ability and heterosis for yield and drought tolerant traits under aerobic conditions. Both additive and non-additive gene action were found to control the expression of the traits under study. The magnitude of combining ability revealed non-additive genetic variance was higher than the additive variance for all the studied traits. Parents PMK3, RMD(R)1, ARB6, ARB7, ARB8 and CB-04-801 were found to be the good combiners for drought tolerant and yield traits. The crosses RMD(R)1/ARB7, PMK3/ARB8, PMK3/ARB7, ADT43/IR77080-B-34-3 and MDU5/Anjali recorded hight sca effects for grain yield. Crosses PMK3/ARB6, PMK3/ARB8, RMD(R)1/ARB7 and PMK3/ARB7 performed better than the check PMK 3 for most of the traits and showed significance for all the three types of heterosis. The crosses RMD(R)1/ARB7, ADT48/ARB6, PMK3/ARB7 and MDU5/Anjali were identified as the best combinations for aerobic conditions on the basis of high mean, significant sca effects and high standard heterosis.
Research Article