Terminal heat stress-responsive genes analysis in heat susceptible HDR77 genotype of wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) by using semi-quantative RTPCR

  • Radha Sharma, Jebi Sudan, Richa Sharma, Sumita Kumari, Romesh K Salgotra and Ravinder Singh Sher-e-Kashmir University of Agricultural Sciences and Technology of Jammu, Chatha, Jammu.
Keywords: Terminal heat stress, semi-quantative RT PCR, up-regulated and down-regulated


Abiotic stresses particularly heat stress constitutes a serious threat to the world food production in bread wheat. In the present study, candidate gene expression analysis of HDR77 genotype (which is a susceptible genotype based on electrolyte leakage experiment) was carried out and only those candidate genes which were showing two fold change differences were selected from previous research papers These genes were run over cDNA of HDR 77genotype used as template and intensity of bands was checked by semi-quantative RT PCR. Few genes like HSP 80 gene, MADSWP12 gene, HSP 26.6B gene, WRKY53b gene,  WRKY72-a gene, HSP26 gene and WRKY72b gene were upregulated whereas TaVRT- MADS gene, NAC  gene and WRKY10 gene  were down-regulated . The heat stress responsive genes will increase our understanding of molecular basis for heat tolerance in different wheat genotypes and future improvement of heat tolerance in wheat and other crops.

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