Blackgram KKM 1 (KKB 05011), a rice fallow variety suited for Thamirabarani tracks of Tamil Nadu

  • M. Arumugam Pillai, N. Shunmugavalli, B. Selvi, A. Muthuswamy, G. Anand, R. Pushpam D. Shoba, S. Saravanan, Asish K. Binodh and R. Kannan Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY KILLIKULAM
Keywords: Rice fallow, Blackgram KKM 1


A high yielding blackgram variety KKM 1 (KKB 05011 culture) is a cross derivative of COBG 653 x VBN 3 and matures in 65-70 days. This culture recorded a mean grain yield of 645 and 570 Kg/ha in station trials which is 16.2 and 12.4  per cent increased yield over check variety ADT 3 under irrigated and rice fallow condition respectively. It has bold seeds with a mean 100 seed weight of 4.47 grams. It is determinate and has synchronized maturity. The protein content of KKB 05011 is 20.8 per cent and has good batter qualities like high initial batter volume and volume after fermentation. The blackgram KKB 05011 culture is moderately resistant to Yellow mosaic virus, Powdery mildew and Pod borer but resistant to root knot nematode (Meloidogyne javanica). The blackgram KKB 05011 was released as TNAU blackgram KKM 1 in the year 2017 for large scale cultivation in Tamil Nadu.

Research Article