GJT 5 - Region specific high yielding sesame variety suitable for summer irrigated ecosystem

  • B. A. Monpara and V. N. Gohil Junagadh Agricultural University
Keywords: Sesamum indicum, Gujarat Junagadh Til 5, seed yield, medium duration, summer irrigated


Sesame culture AT 231 was derived from hybridization between AT 90 and AT 104 followed by pedigree method of breeding. This culture was identified owing to its superior performance in the State trials conducted during summer irrigated conditions from 2010 to 2014 and released as Gujarat Junagadh Til 5(GJT 5) by 46th State Variety Release Committee (SVRC) during 2015. This culture recorded an average yield of 1241 kg/ha with the yield advantage of 22.39 per cent over the check G. Til 3 (1014 kg/ha). Besides its high yielding ability, Oil yield was 22.22 % higher than G. Til 3. It matured in 91 days and contains 46.98 per cent oil in its seeds, which are whitish in colour and bolder in size. This variety is best suited for summer irrigated conditions in Saurashtra region of Gujarat.

Author Biography

B. A. Monpara and V. N. Gohil, Junagadh Agricultural University
Agricultural Research Station,Amreli
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