Comparison and association of parametric and non-parametric measures for identification of stable genotypes in finger millet

  • Salej Sood, TSSK Patro, Sunil Karad and Abhinav Sao ICAR-VPKAS
Keywords: G×E, Parametric stability, Non parametric stability, Rank Correlation, Finger millet


A study of phenotypic stability of 13 finger millet genotypes was conducted to assess genotype-environment interaction (GEI) and identify stable finger millet (Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn. subsp. coracana) genotypes for grain yield across four diverse locations in India. Both parametric and non-parametric stability statistics were used to identify stable finger millet genotypes. The parameters Wi2, σi2, Si(1),Si(2) identified similar stable genotypes, while different stable genotypes were identified by other measures. High correlation among non-parametric and parametric measures showed that these measures can be used alternatively. Only two stability measures, Ysi and YSI showed significant association with mean grain yield and Ysi was better choice for screening of genotypes for both yield and stability. The stable high yielding genotypes PPR 2773, VL 368, KOPN 942, VR 988, TNAU 1214 and GPU 45 can be deployed or included in breeding program for enhancing the finger millet productivity.

Author Biography

Salej Sood, TSSK Patro, Sunil Karad and Abhinav Sao, ICAR-VPKAS
Scientist, Plant Breeding
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