Genetic variability and association analysis in strawberry (Fragaria x ananassa Duch)

  • Gurwinder Singh, Dilip Singh Kachwaya, Ravindra Kumar, Ghumare Vikas and Lovepreet Singh Punjabi University Patiala
Keywords: Genetic Variability, Correlation, Path Coefficient, Strawberry, Yield


 Thirteen genotypes of strawberry were subjected to genetic variability and association analysis. The study revealed highly significant differences for all the characters studied, indicating the presence of substantial genetic variability.  Phenotypic and genotypic coefficient of variation (PCV and GCV) was maximum for yield/hectare (42.58 and 42.27) followed by yield /plant (42.57 and 42.26), non-reducing sugar (34.44 and 34.39), number of flower/plant (29.37 and 29.09). While high heritability  found in non-reducing sugar  (99.7%) followed by fruit initiation (98.6%), yield/plant (98.6%), yield/hectare (98.6 %),average berry weight (98.4%), flower /plant (98.1%), fruit/plant (97.9%), TSS (97.6%), titratable acidity (97.6%), days taken from planting to harvest (96.4%) and anthocyanin content (95.2 %). High heritability coupled with high genetic advance as percent of mean was observed for yield/hectare (86.55%) among fruit yield followed by yield/plant (86.43%), non-reducing sugar (70.75%). However, significant positive correlation on yield/plant was recorded with plant spread, plant height, leaves/plant, petiole length, days taken from planting to harvest, flower/plant, fruit length, fruit breadth, fruit /plant, titratable acidity, non-reducing sugar and average berry weight. Whereas, positive direct effect on yield/plant was found to be highest for number of flower /plant (0.949) followed by fruit breadth (0.206), anthocyanin content (0.103), fruit length (0.100), average berry weight (0.097) and plant spread (0.068) indicating that these should be considered as selection criteria for increasing fruit yield/plant in a breeding program

Author Biography

Gurwinder Singh, Dilip Singh Kachwaya, Ravindra Kumar, Ghumare Vikas and Lovepreet Singh, Punjabi University Patiala

Department of Agriculture

Assistant Professor

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