Identification of best combiners for development of castor hybrids under irrigated conditions

  • K.T. Ramya, M.P. Patel, T. Manjunatha and C. Lavanya ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research
Keywords: , Castor, Combining ability, GCA, Irrigated, Line x Tester and SCA.


Sixty hybrids developed from 6 lines and 10 testers in a line x tester mating design were evaluated under irrigated and intensive cultivation at Regional Research Station, Anand Agriculture University, Anand, Gujarat. Analysis of variance for combining ability depicted considerable variation among the lines and testers and also lines x testers for seed yield and yield attributing characters.  The ratio of GCA and SCA variance was low and close to unity for all the characters studied, indicating the predominance of the non-additive gene action for all the characters studied. DPC-21 was the best general combiner for seed yield, early maturity, effective primary spike length, hundred seed weight and oil content. Among 10 testers, PMC-55, PMC-9 and PMC-18 were good combiners for seed yield. Five of the crosses JP-77-1 x PMC-4, M-619 x PMC-11, JP-77-1 x PMC-19, SKP-84 x PMC-9 and DPC-21 x PMC-11 were found to be superior combinations for seed yield responding better to irrigated and high intensive cropping conditions.

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K.T. Ramya, M.P. Patel, T. Manjunatha and C. Lavanya, ICAR-Indian Institute of Oilseeds Research

Genetics and Plant Breeding


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