Stability of advanced generation of inter varietal crosses in black gram (Vigna mungo L.) through AMMI analysis

  • Gambhire Vilas Bhagwat, Jiji Joseph and Riya Antony Kerala Agricultural University
Keywords: Black gram, environment, genotype, stability, AMMI model, biplot


Fourteen blackgram genotypes (comprising 10 advanced generations and four parents) were evaluated for three different season viz., Kharif, Rabi and summer both in open conditions as well as inter crop in coconut garden under six environments. Analysis of variance on the data pooled over seasons showed significant difference between genotypes for days to flowering, number of pod bearing branches, number of pods, length of pods, 100-seed weight and yield per plant. Environmental effect was significant for all the traits except plant height whereas genotype x environmental interaction were significant for all the traits. Analysis of genotype x environment interaction by AMMI model showed blackgram culture T6 (4.5.9; T9 x Rusami) as the best  with respect to days to flowering, number of branches per plant, pod bearing branches per plant and number of pods per plant for all environments. The genotype T5 (4.5.8; T9 x Rusami) with high mean yield and stability can be selected for cultivation under all environments

Research Article