Estimation of Combining Ability in Black Gram (Vigna mungo (L.)Hepper) for Yield and it’s Attributing Traits Using the Diallel Crossing Method

  • Kaushik Kumar Panigrahi Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Ayesha Mohanty Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Jyotsnarani Pradhan Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
  • Tapas Ranjan Das Indian Agriculture Research Institute
  • Bhabendra Baisakh Orissa University of Agriculture and Technology
Keywords: Combining ability, GCA, SCA, Vigna mungo.


A diallel set of 8 parents and their 28 F1were studied for ten characters to determine the nature of gene action in parents and hybrid population. The analysis of variance revealed significant differences for general combining ability (GCA) and specific combining ability (SCA) indicating presence of additive as well as non additive gene effects for genetic factors controlling the traits.Though additive and non-additive gene actions governed the expression of quantitative traits, the magnitude of non-additive gene action was higher than that of additive gene action for each quantitative trait. Parental genotypes like B-3-8-8, OBG-17, LBG-17 and Kenojhar Local were superior to others for different yield contributing traits. Among crosses the superior hybrids were LBG-17 × Keonjhar Local, OBG-31 × Keonjhar Local, PU-35 × OBG-31, PU-30 × LBG-17, B-3-8-8 × OBG-17, B-3-8-8 × PU-30, B-3-8-8 × OBG-31, B-3-8-8 × Keonjhar Local, TU-94-2 × LBG-17, OBG-17 × LBG-17. 

Research Article