Heterosis and combining ability analysis for yield and its component traits in wheat [Triticum aestivum (L.)]

  • H. G. Barot, M. S. Patel, W.A.Sheikh*, L.P.Patel and C.R. Allam
Keywords: Wheat, combining ability, heterosis, line × tester analysis, gene action


In present study four lines were crossed with eight testers, to determine the nature of gene action, combining ability and heterosis for yield and yield contributing traits in wheat using line × tester analysis. Both additive and non-additive gene action were found to control the expression of the traits under study. The magnitude of general combining ability variances was higher than the specific combining ability variances for all the characters which indicated preponderance of additive gene action in the inheritance of these traits. Among female, GW 11 and male, GW 322 were found to be good general combiners for grain yield per plant, harvest index and protein content. The highest heterosis over standard check variety (GW 496) for grain yield per plant was registered by the cross GW 503 x GW 190 followed by GW 173 x GW 190, GW 11 x GW 190 and GW 503 x GW 322.
Research Article