Genetic diversity in sweet corn inbred lines (Zea mays L.)

  • Tirumala Jawahar Sri Gopi, A. Yuvaraja, R. Naveena and O. S. Kruthika
Keywords: Genetic diversity, cluster analysis, inbred lines, Zea mays L.


A total of fifty inbred lines of sweet corn were evaluated for eight quantitative characters at the Millet Breeding Station, Department of Millets, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore during kharif 2014 to study the genetic diversity using multivariate (D square) analysis. The fifty inbreds categorized in to ten distinct clusters. The intra-cluster distances in all the ten clusters was low, indicating that the genotypes within the same cluster were closely related. The highest inter-cluster distance was observed between cluster I and cluster X and the lowest between the cluster II and III. The cluster VII and cluster X contained the highest (24) and lowest (1) number of genotypes, respectively. Cluster VI showed the highest mean values for kernel yield and all the yield contributing traits. Cob girth and number of tassel branches expressed maximum contribution towards total divergence among different characters. Development of hybrids utilizing these genotypes has the chance to obtain higher heterosis with high performing crosses. 

Author Biography

Tirumala Jawahar Sri Gopi, A. Yuvaraja, R. Naveena and O. S. Kruthika
PhD student UAS Raichur
Research Article