Studies on genetic variability for important traits in F2 generations of groundnut (Arachis hypogaea L.)

  • C. K. Patel


Six crosses of F2 population and nine parental lines were evaluated for variability, heritability and genetic advance during summer, 2016. Observations on nine characters recorded. Analysis of variance revealed highly significant differences among the genotypes, parents as well as crosses for all the characters thereby indicating sufficient variability in the material studied. The range of variation was maximum for plant height, number of matured pods per plant, shelling outturn, kernel yield per plant and pod yield per plant in most of the crosses. Moderate to high values of GCV and PCV observed for most of the character except for days to appearance of flower and days to maturity in most of the crosses. Moderate to high heritability estimates were found for most of the characters. The expression of moderate to high heritability coupled with moderate to high genetic advance and moderate to high values of GCV and PCV for pod yield per plant for above characters indicating that F2 generation as mainly under the influence of additive gene action and scope for improvement through simple selection.

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C. K. Patel

Genetics and Plant Breeding

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