In - ovulo embryo culture in interspecific crosses of Gossypium

  • R.Pushpam, R. Ravikesavan and T.S. Raveendran Associate Professor Department of Plant Breeding and Genetics AC&RI, Killikulam
Keywords: Gossypium, Inter specific cross, in-ovulo culture, callus, induction


The immature hybrid embryos of five back crosses viz., (MCU 5 x G. armourianum) MCU 5, (MCU 5 x G. raimondii) MCU 5, (MCU 12 x G. raimondii) MCU 12, (TCH 1569 x G. armourianum) TCH 1569,(TCH 1609 x G. raimondii) TCH 1609 were excised 8 days after pollination and were cultured in various concentrations of auxin and cytokinin.  To prevent  boll shedding in all the crosses, growth hormones NAA 100 mg/l and GA3 50 mg/l was applied at the base of the pedicel for 8 days and then the ovules were excised and cultured on media to form calli. Out of different media combinations tried, maximum callus induction was observed in the medium containing IAA 2.0 mg/l, Kn 1.0 mg/l, CH 250 mg/l, AS 40 mg/l in all the crosses. Maximum response of callus induction was observed in the cross (MCU 5 x G. raimondii) MCU5.  

Research Note