Identification of resistant genotypes against Striga asiatica (L.) Kuntze in kodo millet

  • A. K. Jain, Ruchi Chourasia, Ashish Kumar and R. P. Joshi JNKVV, College of Agriculture, Rewa
Keywords: Kodo, resistance, Striga asiatica, correlation


Performance of 25 pre-release cultures and 13 released varieties of kodo millet were assessed for Striga resistance under artificial inoculation. Significant variation in Striga related parameters were recorded among the evaluated genotypes. Eight cultivars namely KOPN 21, RPS 594, RPS 531, KOPN 8, RPS 745, RBK 155, RPS 630 and KOPN 22 showed resistance against S. asiatica exhibiting lower estimates of Striga related parameters viz emerged Striga count row-1(NS), Striga height index (SHI), Striga vigour ratings (SVR), Striga severity (SS) and area under Striga number progress curve (ASNPC). Four entries namely RPS 513, RPS 687, RPS 683 and RPS 517 were found susceptible to highly susceptible showing higher combined values of Striga related parameters. JK 155, a released variety of kodo millet has been found resistant to S. asiatica. Strong positive correlation of emerged Striga count row-1(NS) with SS (0.922*) and ASNPC (0.860*), SHI with SVR (0.861*), SS with ASNPC (0.860*) and fresh weight Striga with dry weight Striga (0.952*) was recorded. This indicated that Striga related parameters are important for grouping of cultivars into different categories of reaction.

Research Article