Combining ability analysis for yield in hybrid rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • A. B. Patil and H. D. Mehta
Keywords: Rice, combining ability, yield, yield components.


Eighty four hybrids developed from crossing three CMS lines with 28 restores were studied alongwith parents for 13 yield and yield attributing characters. Among the male parental lines, PD-19, NAUR-1 and IET-18654 appeared to be best general combiner for grain yield and most of the component characters. The female line IR-58025B was found to be good general combiner for all the traits and average general combiner for plant height and harvest index whereas poor general combiner for 1000-grain weight. The most promising specific combinations were IR-58025A x NAUR-1, IR-68888A x NAUR-1 and IR-58025A x IET-18654 for grain yield plant-1.
Research Article