Assessment of genetic diversity among identified testers aids in development of hybrids in sesame (Sesamum indicum.l)

  • J. Lydia pramitha, B. Meenakumari, M. Kumar and N. Natarajan Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Keywords: Sesame, Diversity, Heterosis


Diversity analyses on ninety two genotypes of sesame using ten morphological characters were studied. Results indicated that ten clusters were formed wherein maximum inter cluster distance was observed between cluster IX and X (239.87).  Simultaneously crossing of these 90 genotypes with Co-1 and TMV-5 was carried out. The 180 hybrids generated using two lines (CO 1 and TMV 5) with these 90 genotypes, upon evaluation, indicated five elite hybrids namely TMV 5 X bardur local (B)(217.49 percent), TMV 5 X bardur local (W) (198.38 percent), CO 1 x RT 172 (163.47 percent), TMV 5 x Rama (161.04 percent) and TMV 5 x MT-10-23-3 (155.57 percent) significantly yielded than the standard check TMV 7 and their male parents were found to be from the  cluster I  which were moderately divergent (19.09) among them.

Key words: Sesamum, Diveristy and Heterosis

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J. Lydia pramitha, B. Meenakumari, M. Kumar and N. Natarajan, Tamilnadu Agricultural University
Department of Genetics and Plant Breeding
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