Genetics of resistance to stem rust against Indian races in wheat varieties, Kundan and UP 2338

  • Nagaraja, N. R., Anupam Singh, J. K. Pallavi, J. B. Sharma, Karnam Venkatesh, G. P. Singh,NeeluJain and K. V. Prabhu
Keywords: Triticum aestivum, Puccinia graminis Pers. f. sp. tritici, genetics, resistance, Ug99 resistant varieties


The parents, F1 and F2 individuals of the crosses Kundan x Agra Local, UP 2338 x Agra Local and Kundan x UP 2338 were screened to study the genetics of resistance in the Ug99-resistant varieties of wheat, Kundan and UP 2338 against two Indian stem rust pathotypes 40A (62G29) and 122 (7G11). Against race 40A (62G29), the variety Kundan did not have any resistance alleles, whereas, UP 2338 exhibited the presence of dominant resistance gene. The 195 F2 individuals of the cross UP 2338 × Agra Local and Kundan × UP 2338 segregated at a ratio of 3(R):1(S). Against stem rust pathotype 122 (7G11), the variety Kundan displayed monogenic dominant resistance. The resistance x resistance cross Kundan x UP 2338 also displayed resistance reaction in the F2 generation with no segregation indicating the presence of common gene in both the parents (Kundan and UP 2338) conferring resistance against the pathotype 122.
Research Article