Clonal evaluation and genetic divergence studies in Neolamarckia cadamba roxb.

  • R. Thirunirai Selvan and K. T. Parthiban TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY
Keywords: Neolamarckia cadamba, Diversity, Intra and Inter cluster distance, Growth performance, Leaf attributes


Twenty five Neolamarckia cadamba clones were evaluated for growth attributes and genetic divergence. The clonal evaluation test conducted for a period of 15 months indicated that the clones differed significantly for various growth and leaf attributes. Among twenty five clones evaluated, two clones viz., AC17 and AC15 reigned supreme in terms of all growth attributes and they are under sharp focus for immediate adoption and incorporation in future breeding programme. The clones were characterized for the existence of genetic divergence through Mahalanobis D2 analysis. The study resolved twenty five clones into ten major clusters. In which Cluster II was maximum with nine clones. Five clusters viz., VI, VII, VIII, IX and X registered only one clone each indicating their clonal genetic divergence. The intra-cluster distance was ranged between 0.00 and 15.03 and the inter cluster distance was ranged between 8.75 and 64.77. The highest inter cluster distance was registered between cluster VIII and X indicating wider genetic variation and extends scope for further improvement. Among the growth attributes, volume contributed maximum genetic divergence which could be incorporated in selection and improvement programme of Neolamarckia cadmaba. This study examines, the variability pattern and growth attributes and recommends two clones for immediate adoption.

Research Article