Combining ability analysis for yield contributing characters in chickpea

  • Jairam Amadabade, Anju Arora, Hemant Sahu
Keywords: Chickpea, diallel, gene action, combining ability


In the present investigation, six genotypes of chickpea viz., PG0127, PG0126, CSG8962, ICCL87322, HC-1 and BG362 were used as parents for 6 × 6 diallel analysisexcluding reciprocals to estimate general and specific combining ability variances and effects. Genetic analysis revealed that both additive and non-additive genetic components of variation are important for inheritance of all the characters. However, the magnitude of non-additive (sca) variance was considerably higher than additive (gca) variance for all the characters except 100 seed weight representing the predominance of non additive gene action. The parents HC-1 and BG362 were found to be good general combiners for grain yield and most of its component characters and were one of the parents in most of the best specific cross combinations. The crosses HC-1 × BG362 and CSG8962 × HC-1 were the best cross combinations for yield and most of its components. In view of parallel role of both additive and non-additive genetic effects determining the inheritance of different characters, their simultaneous exploitation through adoption of biparental approach is suggested.
Research Article