Phylogenetic studies on Assam rice (Oryza sativa L.) accessions for nitrogen use efficiency

  • Shantanu Das Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat
  • Debojit Sarma Assam Agricultural University, Jorhat


In the present investigation, phylogenetic analysis was carried out on 26 rice genotypes for nitrogen use efficiency (NUE) related traits and grain yield in order to identify similar performing genotypes over varying nitrogen (N) level. The phylogenic trees at both N0 and N60 clustered all the genotypes into four main groups. To identify genotypes performing uniformly over the different N levels, a maximal length MAST (maximum agreement sub-tree) on rooted trees was constructed for comparison between the clustering at N0 and N60, which identified seven genotypes grouped into four clusters in the MAST. Phylogenetic analysis revealed that for NUE related traits and grain yield, the clustering pattern for these seven genotypes was independent of the N levels. The study further suggests stability analysis to get more realistic picture.

Research Article