Association analysis in the interspecific derivatives of Vigna mungo x Vigna mungo var. sylvestris for yield and its components

  • S. Sowmyasree, N. Manivannan S. Lakshmi Narayanan V.B.R. Prasad and S. Chitra TAMIL NADU AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITY
Keywords: Blackgram, interspecific crosses, correlation, path analysis, seed yield.


The present investigation was carried out with 54 interspecific derivatives of F8 generation from the cross Vigna mungo x Vigna mungo var. sylvestris at National Pulses Research Centre, Vamban during rabi 2017-18 season for nine different yield and its contributing traits. Correlation studies showed that all the characters had significant and positive correlation with  seed yield per plant. Number of pods per plant had significant and positive association with plant height, number of branches per plant, number of clusters per plant and number of pods per cluster. Path analysis revealed that, number of pods per plant had high positive direct effect on seed yield per plant. Based on correlation and path analysis, it may be concluded that number of pods per plant may be considered as selection index for seed yield per plant in blackgram.


Research Article