Correlation and path coefficient analysis in coconut (Cocos nucifera L.)

  • S. Geethanjali, D. Rajkumar and N.Shoba
Keywords: Coconut, correlation, path analysis


A total of 43 coconut germplasm accessions were characterized for nut yield and fruit component traits. Correlation analysis showed that most of the fruit traits viz., fruit length, fruit breadth, fruit weight, nut weight, kernel weight and copra weight per nut were positively correlated with each other but showed significant negative correlation with the number of nuts produced per palm per annum. Shell thickness and husk thickness were not correlated with any of the fruit component traits. Path analysis revealed that nut yield and copra content per nut had positive direct effect on the total copra yield per palm. The results of this study showed that equal consideration should be given for both nut yield and copra content per nut while selecting elite genotypes for dual purpose viz., tender nut or culinary use and copra for oil extraction.
Research Article