Molecular diversity of brinjal (Solanum melongena L. and S. aethiopicum L.) genotypes revealed by SSR markers

  • Abdul Majid Ansari and Y. V. Singh
Keywords: Brinjal, Solanum, melongena, aethiopicum, SSR markers, genetic diversity.


In the present study, simple sequence repeat (SSR) markers were used to study the genetic diversity among 14 genotypes of brinjal. A total of 14 polymorphic SSR primer pairs were used. Amplification of genomic DNA of 14 genotypes yielded 50 fragments, of which 43 were polymorphic. A clear cut differentiation was exhibited among the genotypes. The range of similarity coefficient varied from 17.8% [between S. aethiopicum L. (2n=2x=24) and Pant Rituraj (S. melongena L., 2n=2x=24)] to 94.1% [between PB-71 and NDB-1] followed by 88.9% [between SMB-115 and KS-331] and 88.6% [between BARI and PB-67]. SAHN cluster analysis using UPGMA method separated the genotypes into six cluster groups. Solanum aethiopicum and PB-67 were positioned as single genotype in separate groups i.e., cluster-I & II, SMB-115 and KS-331 in cluster-III, BARI, PB-66 and Pant Rituraj in cluster-IV, WB-1, PB-4, PB-70 and LC-7 in cluster-V and PB-71, Pant Samrat and NDB-1 in cluster-VI. Morphological characters viz., shape, size and peel colour of brinjal fruits and plant type showed a positive relationship with the DNA based molecular analysis through SSR markers.
Research Article