A new high yielding MYMV disease resistant blackgram variety VBN 8

  • A. Mahalingam Assistant Professor (PBG)National Pulses Research CentreVamban


The high yielding blackgram variety VBN 8 is a cross derivative of  VBN 3 x VBG 04-008. Average yield of VBN 8 is 900 kg/ha which is 11.9 and 13.5 percent increased yield over the check varieties VBN 6 (804 kg/ha) and CO 6 (793) respectively. It matures in 65 – 70 days. Under irrigated condition, it performed well by recording 988 kg/ha  and the yield increases was 15.29 and 22.28 per cent over the check varieties VBN 6 (857 kg/ha) and CO 6 (808 kg/ha) respectively. Under rainfed condition, this variety recorded 871 kg/ha with 23.20 and 25.87 per cent yield increase over the above checks varieties. The special features of this new variety is determinate plant type with synchronized maturity and highly resistant to Mungbean Yellow Mosaic Virus (MYMV) disease, resistant to leaf crinkle and moderately resistant to powdery mildew diseases.

Research Article