Genetic diversity in king chilli (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) genotypes through SDS-PAGE

  • Ephilo Mena, Siddhartha Singh, Mohd Talha Ansari and Md. Ramjan Central Agricultural Universty


King Chilli is very popular in North East India and exhibits wide variability. In the present study, sixteen (Capsicum chinense Jacq.) genotypes were collected from different areas of North Eastern India and evaluated for genetic diversity using seed protein profiling (SDS-PAGE). The seed protein profiling showed distinct polymorphism in electrophoretic banding patterns and led to the detection of total of 79 polypeptide bands. The genotypes showed considerable variation in protein band number ranging from 15-33. On the basis SDS-PAGE analysis the genotypes were grouped into 2 major clusters. The cluster I was further subdivided to sub-cluster whereas cluster II has only one genotype (CHFKC-14). Based on similarity index genotypes CHFKC-8 (Imphal, Manipur) was most distantly related to CHFKC-14 (Arunachal Pradesh) and could be utilized for crossing programme to create more genetic diversity or segregants of desired characteristics through king chilli breeding programmes.

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