Validation of elongated uppermost internode (eui) gene with functional markers in spontaneous mutant rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • A. Yuvaraj TNAU
  • R. Thangapandian
  • N.M. Boopathi


To overcome the panicle exertion problems in CMS lines, the inclusion of elongated uppermost internode (eui1) gene in wild abortive cytoplasm can become the permanent solution in hybrid rice technology. Elongated uppermost internode gene produces complete panicle exertion in CMS lines. In view of this matter, a spontaneous mutant, Accession 18 shows elongated uppermost internode trait and it is validated with known eui gene donor, IR91-1591-3 to investigate the allelic relationship between them using functional molecular markers. A spontaneous mutant Accession 18 revealed 100 per cent allelic relationship with eui1 gene which is available in the donor, IR91-1591-3.

Author Biographies

A. Yuvaraj, TNAU

Assistant Professor

R. Thangapandian

Associate professor

N.M. Boopathi

Associate Professor


Research Article