Genetic variability studies for stay green and different yield attributing traits in Sorghum

  • K. Shamini Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The present study was carried to identify the nature and extend of variability present for stay green and other twelve grain yield attributing traits in the F3 populations of five sorghum crosses viz., K8 × IS18551, CO26 × IS18551, CO26 × B35, CO30 × IS18551 and CO30 × B35. The high mean value coupled with moderate variability was observed for stay green trait in cross CO26 × IS18551 and leaf chlorophyll index, flag leaf length, panicle length, panicle weight and single plant yield in cross CO26 × B35. In cross CO 30 × IS18551, high mean value along with high variability was observed for biological yield and moderate variability for stem girth and number of leaves per plant. High heritability with high genetic advance as per cent of mean indicates that the heritability is due to additive gene effects and selection may be effective. This was observed for grain yield and maximum number of yield contributing traits viz., plant height, number of leaves per plant, panicle length, leaf chlorophyll index, stem girth, stay green trait and biological yield in cross CO26 × B35. Hence among the five crosses, CO26 × B35 considered as a best cross for further evaluation.

Author Biography

K. Shamini, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Centre for Plant Breeding and Genetics



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