GJG 6: A high yielding wilt resistant chickpea variety for conserved moisture condition of Gujarat


A high yielding wilt resistant chickpea culture tested as GJG 1003 was a cross derivative of GJG 0105 x FG 711, matures in 110 to 112 days, with an average grain yield of 1867 kg/ha under rainfed condition of Gujarat and recorded high yield by 13.6 %, 21.9 % and 5.2 % over check varieties Gujarat Gram 1 (1643 kg/ha), Gujarat Gram 2 (1531 kg/ha) and Gujarat Junagadh Gram 3 (1775 kg/ha), respectively. It was notified and released in the name of GJG 6 ( Gujarat Junagadh Gram 6) during 2016. The GJG 6 variety is resistant to wilt and shown good level of resistance against stunt diseases and comparable pod borer damage. This variety has more protein content (19.9 %) and carbohydrate content (67.84 %) than the check varieties. The variety was released for cultivation under conserved soil moisture condition of Gujarat during 2016.

Author Biography

R. M. Javia, Junagadh Agricultural University

Pulses Research Station,

Junagadh Agricultural University,

Junagadh- 362 001


Research Note