Combining ability study in rice (Oryza sativa L.)

  • S. Suvathipriya and T. Kalaimagal Anbil Dharmalingam Agriculture College and Reseacrh Institute, Trichy
Keywords: Combining ability, gca, sca, TNAUSTAT, segregants,


In the present investigation combining ability study was undertaken by crossing five lines and four testers in Line x Tester fashion. Based on the gca effects, the five parents CO (R) 50,       ADT 49, MDU 6, CSR 27 and Ezhome 1 were identified as the best combiners for yield and various yield attributing traits and two other qualitative traits. Regarding hybrids, ADT 49 / CSR 23, ADT 49 / CSR 27, CO (R) 50 / Anna 4 and CO (R) 50 / CSR 23, MDU 6 / Ezhome 1,  ASD 16 / CSR 23 and CO (R) 50 / CSR 27 were identified as best specific combiners for yield and yield attributing traits. The study also reveals the preponderance of non-additive gene action which favors the commercial exploitation of these hybrids improve yield ultimately. The same hybrids would also produce promising and desirable segregants in the segregating generations.


Research Article