Estimation of heterosis for tender nut yield traits in coconut hybrids (Cocos nucifera L.)

  • T. Kanimozhi


An experiment to evaluate the coconut hybrids for tender nut was conducted at Coconut Research Station, Aliyar nagar during 2017-18. Seven cross combinations along with eight parents were studied. The heterosis for number of female flowers/palm/year, number of bunches/palm, number of tender nuts/bunch/palm and total number of tender nuts/palm/year of coconut were assessed. All coconut hybrids showed a well pronounced heterotic expression which could be exploited. It is concluded from the present study that all the cross combinations performed better than the parents for all the four economically important traits. The coconut hybrids showing well pronounced heterotic expression could be exploited for development of location specific hybrids of commercial importance.  

Research Article