Identification of Effective Restorers and Maintainers for Development of Rice Hybrids in Temperate Ecology

  • Sajad Hussain Dar, A.G. Rather, G.S. Sanghera, M.A. Ahanger, M.A. Bhat, Noorul-Saleem,Manzor Ahmad, Syeed Talib, S.N. Kurashi and Nazir Ahmad
Keywords: Rice, restorer, maintainer, pollen fertility, CMS lines


Three cytoplasmic male sterile (CMS) lines with Wild Abortive (WA) CMS source were crossed with 9 rice genotypes to assess their restorer/maintainer behavior during 2011-12. Out of 27 test crosses evaluated, 10 restorers, 8 partial restorers and 9 partial maintainer cross combinations were categorized on the basis of pollen fertility and spikelet sterility. Three genotypes K-08-61, K-08-60 and Pusa Sughand-5 were found as effective restorers for all the three CMS lines with spikelet fertility above 83% in F1s for data pooled over environments, besides one more genotype K-08-59 depicted restoration only with the introduced CMS line IR-68888A.
Research Note