Assessment of mutagenic sensitivity in jasmine (Jasminum spp.) to chemical mutagen

  • Sanchita Ghosh Tamil Nadu Agricultural University


The present experiment was carried out to determine mutagenic sensitivity on Jasmine (Jasminum spp.). In this experiment, terminal cuttings of Jasminum grandiflorum cv. White Pitchi and semi hardwood cuttings of J.  nitidum (clone Acc.Jn-1 selected at TNAU) and J. multiflorum cv. Arka Arpan were treated with ten different concentrations of EMS ranging from 5 mM to 50 mM. . The results revealed gradual and significant reduction in survival of cuttings, shoot length, number of leaves, leaf length and leaf width with increase in dosage of EMS.  The probit curve analysis based on survival percentage and growth rate of treated cuttings revealed LD50 dosage of EMS to be 37.15 mM, 40.7 mM and 42.66 mM for White Pitchi, Arka Arpan and ACC Jn-1 respectively.

Research Article