Assessment of genetic diversity in pigeonpea germplasm collection using morphological characters

  • K. Rupika and J. R. Kannan Bapu
Keywords: Pigeonpea, genetic diversity, germplasm


An investigation was undertaken to ascertain the extent of genetic diversity present among 90 pigeonpea genotypes using D2 statistic. Cluster analysis grouped 90 germplasm into six clusters based on the degree of divergence between the genotypes. Clustering pattern revealed non parallelism between genetic diversity and geographic distribution. Inter cluster distance was least between cluster II and cluster III and cluster I and VI, indicating less divergence in these four clusters. Maximum inter cluster distance was noticed between the cluster V and cluster VI, cluster IV and cluster VI, cluster II and cluster VI and cluster I and cluster V, indicating more divergence of cluster V and this cluster had five genotypes viz.,C -2291, ICP7234, ICP12225, AL1741, ICP2391. Accessions of cluster V were more divergent with maximum intra cluster distance followed by cluster I. The crossing between cluster V which is having high cluster mean value for seed yield per plant and number of pods per plant and cluster II which is having lowest mean for days to 50 percent flowering is expected to yield high yielding early pigeopea varieties. Morphological characterization was carried out for nine traits, some of the genotypes had unique characters which helps in varietal or genotype identification.
Research Note