Variability and transgressive segregation for yield and yield contributing traits in pigeonpea crosses

  • Ajay BC, Byregowda M, Prashanth Babu H, Veera Kumar GN, Reena M
Keywords: Pigeonpea, variation, heritability, genetic advance, segregating generation


In the present study F2 and F3 generations were evaluated for yield and yield contributing traits to understand genetic variability and to identify transgressive segregants in three pigeonpea crosses. High variance, high heritability and high genetic advance were recorded for secondary branches per plant, number of pods per plant and seed yield in F2 and F3 generations. There was decrease in variability from F2 to F3 generation for some traits. High heritability and high genetic advances indicates that traits are under the control of additive gene action and selection will be effective. Among the three crosses transgressive segregants were high in the cross TTB 7 × ICPL87119 indicating the superiority of this cross over the others.
Research Note