Exploitation of hybrid vigour in ridge gourd (Luffa acutangula Roxb L.)

  • V.A. Lodam, P.P. Patil and D.T. Desai
Keywords: Ridge gourd, fruit yield, heterosis, yield components


A study was conducted for accessing hybrid vigour of 28 crosses of ridge gourd over standard parent during late Kharif 2008 at N.A.U., Navsari. These hybrids were generated by half diallel mating design of eight diverse ridge gourd genotypes. Highly significant difference existed between genotypes for all studied traits. None of the hybrid showed consistent heterosis for all studied traits. In crosses, maximum heterosis was observed for fruit yield per vine followed by primary branches per vine. The highest economic heterosis was observed for fruit yield in ARGS 98-06 x ARGS 00-03 (63.81%) which was followed by ARGS 02-14 x ARGS 03-18 (37.38%), ARGS 04-23 x ARGS 00-03 (34.76%), ARGS 00-03 x ARGS 03-18 (31.67%), ARGS 02-14 x ARGS 98-06 (28.33%), ARGS 04-23 x ARGS 98-06 (26.67%) and SKNRG 21 x ARGS 03-18 (25.00%). These cross combination also showed heterosis for one or more yield contributing traits. Therefore, three hybrids viz., ARGS 98-06 x ARGS 00-03, ARGS 02-14 x ARGS 03-18 and ARGS 04-23 x ARGS 00-03 were identified for evaluation at multi-location and for commercial exploitation.
Research Note