Late-kharif : Best season for inter-specific hybridization involving greengram [Vigna radiata (L.) Wilczek] and blackgram [Vigna mungo (L.) Hepper]

  • Yashpal, M. N. Singh, N. Pathak and S. K. Saroj
Keywords: Greengram, blackgram, inter-specific hybrids, crossability, relative humidity.


The present study was undertaken with an objective to identify best season for highest success rate of crossing in inter-specific hybrids involving four genotypes each of greengram and blackgram. Sowing was done on first week of March (Summer season crop), June (Kharif season crop) and September (Late-kharif season crop), 2011. Crosses were made in line x tester fashion using greengram as female parent during Summer, Kharif and Late-kharif, with average crossability of 3.19%, 6.37% and 9.33%, respectively. The rate of success during late-kharif reached as high as 153.80% and 688.11%, as against kharif and summer, respectively. The optimum weather parameter during late-kharif such as wind velocity ~2.35 Km/hr, moderately warm ambient temperature (27.87˚C), poorly-rained, longer bright sunshine hours (8.8 hr.) with optimum relative humidity (67.75%) favored pollen germination and highest rate of successful fertilization.
Research Note