Correlation and path analysis studies in hybrids of Line x Tester for yield and yield component traits in sesame (Sesamum indicum L .)



The experimental material comprised of 12 sesame genotypes of six lines (black/brown seed) and six testers (white seed). Crosses were made in ̔ Line x Tester ̕ fashion and thirty six hybrids were developed. The 36 F­1­­­s along with parents were utilized for this study to assess the relationship and effects between yield and its components traits. Biometrical data were recorded on twelve characters viz., days to fifty percent flowering, plant height, number of branches per plant, number of capsules on main stem, number of capsule per plant, capsule length, number of seeds per capsule, height of first node from base, height of first capsule, thousand seed weight, single plant yield and oil content. Correlation analysis revealed that there was a positive significant association of seed yield with number of capsule per plant. Path analysis revealed that the trait number of capsule per plant exhibit high positive direct effect on single plant. From this study it was observed that number of capsule per plant made the most contribution to seed yield and should therefore be used as a selection index for sesame improvement.

Research Article