Association analysis for pod yield and component characters in dolichos bean (Lablab purpureus L.)

  • T. Madhu Kiran, G. Roopa Lavanya and G. Suresh Babu
Keywords: Dolichos bean, correlation, path coefficient, association analysis, Vindhyan zone.


The experimental material comprised genotypes of Lablab purpureus collected from different parts of India. Correlation coefficient analysis revealed that number of pods plant-1, pod width, pod weight and pod length had positive correlation with pod yield plant-1. The traits like number of branches and leaf length showed positive relation with yield at the same time days to 50% flowering and days to first picking showed negative effect on yield. Hence, direct selection for these characters may lead to the development of high pod yielding Dolichos genotypes. Path analysis revealed that selection based on number of pods plant-1, pod weight could be effective in developing high yielding genotypes of Dolichos bean for Vindhyan Zone.
Research Note