Correlation and path analysis studies in Mithipagal (Momordica charantia L var. muricata )(Willd.)

  • M. Priyanka


An experiement was conducted to study the association among yield and yield contributing traits in 25 mithipagal genotypes. The experiement was conducted with 25 mithipagal genotypes in RBD with 3 replications in 2017-2018. Correlation studies revealed that yield per vine had significant positive association with individual fruit weight, fruit length, fruit pulp thickness, number of seeds per fruit , fruit girth , hundred seed weight , momordicine, protein, sex ratio and vine length in both seasons indicating the importance of these traits in selection for yield and are identified as yield attributing characters. Path coefficient analysis revealed that positive and high indirect effect was observed by individual fruit weight, number of fruits per vine. Positive and moderate indirect effect was observed for vine length in first season. In second season positive and high direct effect was exhibited by individual fruit weight, fruit girth, and days to first female flower appearance. Positive and moderate direct effect was exhibited by momordicine content, nodes of first male flower, number of fruits per fruit, hundred seed weight.


Research Article