Broad sense and narrow sense heritability in F4¬ and F5 generations of finger millet, Eleusine coracana (L.) Gaertn

  • Shikha Dubey and S. Rangaiah University of Agricultural Sciences, Bengaluru


An investigation was carried out using three different finger millet crosses belonging to different maturity groups to compare their response in terms of the genetic potential transferred from F4 to F5 generation. The heritability in standard units or intergeneration correlation was found to be significant for plant height and finger length. Narrow sense heritability was found to be low (<30 %) for all the traits. Further, correlation studies within the F4 and F5 generations showed that grain yield was significantly associated with ear weight, total tillers, productive tillers and fingers per ear. Path analysis revealed that ear weight has maximum direct effect on grain yield. The study helps to dissect the traits which can still be selected in the F4 generation when most of the traits have become fixed.

Research Article