Heterosis for important qualitative and quantitative characters of mungbean

  • V. Sandhiya


Forty hybrids incurred from five high yielding genetically diverse lines and eight testers for appraise eleven important quantitative and qualitative traits of mungbean. Mid parent, better parent and standard parent heterotic effects were estimated. The highest standard heterosis is observed for number of cluster per plant. The highest mid parent, better parent and standard parent heterosis for number of cluster per plant viz., 182.66 per cent, 173.44 per cent 196.61 per cent respectively, for the hybrid EC 396120 x IPM 99125. The highest standard heterosis of 31.5 percent for seed protein content was recorded for the hybrid between EC 396126 and CO GG 930. Based on per se performance and standard heterosis, hybrids were identified for heterosis breeding. The crosses, PANT M 103 x COGG 930, EC 396120 x IPM 99 125, AGG 10091 x CO 7, PANT M 103 x MH 565, AGG 100 91 x IPM 99 125, EC 396120 x IPM 0214, PANT M 103 x CO 7 and EC 396120 x PUSA VISHAL exhibited significant per se and standard heterosis for single plant yield. So these crosses were considered as superior crosses and further utilized in the breeding programme.

Research Note