Combining ability analysis for quantitative traits in China aster [Callistephus chinensis (L.) Nees]

  • Veluru Bhargav, Rajiv Kumar, T. Manjunatha Rao, T. Usha Bharathi, M. V. Dhananjaya and R. Venugopalan Indian Institute of Horticulture Research


A line x tester analysis was carried out involving 11 divergent genotypes (6 lines and 5 testers) and 30 F1 hybrids of China aster for assessing the combining ability for 13 economic traits, during 2017. The genotypes Matsumoto White and Phule Ganesh Violet among lines and testers, showed good general combining ability for most of the economical traits. The cross combinations Matsumoto Scarlet x Phule Ganesh Violet, Matsumoto White x Phule Ganesh Violet and Matsumoto Red x IIHRJ3-2 showed best specific combining ability for various traits. The variance of sca was the highest for all the traits except for plant spread and days to first flowering which indicated the dominance of additive gene effects. Hence, it was inferred that specific combining ability can be exploited for the creation of novel flower colours and phenotypes.

Research Article