Character association and path analysis for cane yield and its components in interspecific hybrids of Saccharum spp.

  • E. Karpagam and S. Alarmelu ICAR-Sugarcane Breeding Institute


One hundred and thirty six interspecific hybrids of SSH, SRH and SBH derivation developed utilizing improved clones were assessed for variability and causal effects for cane yield and its related traits. Coefficient of variation was high (38.35 %) for number of millable canes (NMC) and brix (19.70 %) in S.spontaneum introgressed hybrid (SSH) and for single cane weight (SCW) (36.74 %) in S.barberi introgressed hybrid (SBH). High PCV and GCV were observed for NMC (38.29, 30.67) and sucrose % (34.13, 17.89) in SSH; and SCW (37.57, 34.80) in SBH. High heritability was observed for NMC (0.85) and cane height (0.92) in SSH and for SCW (0.86) and cane thickness (0.80) in SBH. Yield and quality traits had low to high genetic correlation (rg=0.1181 to 0.8428). SCW (rg=0.8428) and NMC (rg=0.7594) showed the highest positive significant correlation with cane yield. NMC and SCW had the highest direct and positive effect on cane yield and suggested as important selection criteria for sugarcane yield improvement.

Research Article