Occurrence of chlorophyll deficient mutants in the mutated populations of greengram (Vigna radiata (L.)Wilczek)

  • S. Arulselvi, S. Suresh and Vinod J. Dhole Assistant Professor


In mutation breeding, occurrence of chlorophyll deficient mutants is the best index to assess efficient dose of mutagen in producing genetic variability. The seeds of three greengram varieties viz., CO(Gg)7, CO5 and VBN(Gg)3 were irradiated with 550Gy and 600Gy dose of gamma rays. In M2 generation, totally 2957 mutant lines of three varieties were raised in plant to progeny basis. Five different types of chlorophyll deficient mutants viz., albino, xantha, chlorina, viridis and variegated leaf mutants were observed in mutated population of three greengram varieties in M2 generation. Frequency of occurrence was more in lower dose, 550Gy irrespective of the varieties. Among different chlorophyll deficient mutants, albino occurred more frequently followed by xantha and variegated leaf mutants. Chlorophyll deficient mutants were observed only in M2 and M3 generation but not in further generations.

Research Note