Parental evaluation and polymorphism survey of drought contrasting donor and recurrent parents in rice (Oryza sativa. L) using microsatellite markers

  • Venkateshwarlu Challa and Paresh Chandra Kole Scientiifc officer


Rice is an important food crop which is considered as lifeline for more than half of the world's population. Rice requires larger amount of water throughout its life cycle than other crops. Parental lines of Kasturi and Chaw Khao were evaluated and exhibited variation for panicle length, plant height and plot yield in stress condition. Association analysis also shown plant height and plot yield was positively associated with plot yield. In this study parental polymorphism survey was conducted between Kasturi and Chaw Khao using 721 microsatellite (SSR) markers spanning over the entire 12 chromosome and resulted in 95 polymorphic SSR markers. The overall polymorphism survey for all 12 chromosomes was found to be 13.17%. The highest and lowest polymorphism was noticed in chromosome 5 (17.02 %) and chromosome 10 (5.36 %), respectively. This investigation will be helpful to genotype mapping population, construction of linkage map and grain yield QTL identification for drought stress.

Research Article